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We build you an optimized lead list of your ideal customers.
Stop wasting time on bad data and start closing more sales.
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We've made lists for the most innovative ecomm agencies and apps...
Without Ecomm List
  • 1 Find a list of domains using ZoomInfo or BuiltWith.
  • 2 Disqualify 90% of them due to quality issues.
  • 3 Use another tool to find the decision makers contact information.
  • 4 Pull your hair out trying to get responses.
With Ecomm List
  • 1 We identify the stores with the exact problem that your offer solves.
  • 2 We enrich each store with ecomm signals and verified contact information.
  • 3 We provide you with converting email scripts customized to each lead.
  • 4 We give you a spreadsheet you can plug and play on your outreach platform.
👋 Hey there!
While running our cold email outreach agency we ran into a lot of issues with existing lead solutions.
We needed highly personalized emails, accurate store data across multiple dimensions, and verified contact information.
Sadly, nothing on the market satisfied these needs and we had to glue together different apps just to get subpar results.
If you're selling to ecommerce companies, then you can probably relate.
We built Ecomm List to make finding our ideal customers a breeze.
We developed a custom scraper that evaluates over 180 signals per store. Then we combine that data with our ecomm competitive analysisto find stores lacking in any of the metrics we find.
Finally, we position your offer to be the best way they can improve that metric.
This is why Ecomm List is a service and not a web product - we customize each list based on your offer to guarantee a positive return on your investment.
Whether you're an agency, an app developer, or an investor we'll make sure your list gets you the data you need to drive the results you want.
If you have any questions, feel free to reach out to me on Twitter or email.
‐ Jack
Data Makes All The Difference

Our ecomm focused data makes targeting your ideal customer a breeze

Here are some example queries we've ran recently:
  • US stores matching keyword "toothbrush" with 1 retail location and currently running at least 4 Facebook ads.
  • UK stores sending paid search traffic to landing pages that load in more than 2 seconds.
  • Stores with monthly revenue over $10,000 with no TikTok account and over 100 Instagram reels
Emails Sent Per Week
Monthly Referral Visits
TikTok Follower Count
Monthly Sales
Organic Search Traffic
Employee Count
TikTok Presence
Best Selling Product
Paid Search Traffic
Monthly Direct Visits
Monthly Social Visits
Retail Presence
Yearly Visits
LinkedIn Profile
Facebook Presence
Instagram Reel Count
Web Traffic
Page Count
Number of Products
Pixels Installed
Monthly Search Visits
Active Facebook Ads
Page Speed
Active Facebook Carousel Ads
Active Facebook Image Ads
Product Category
TikTok Topic
Monthly Visits
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Save Time & Money with Ecomm List

Here's how Ecomm List will replace 4 typical apps and get 10x better results

BuiltWith: Lead List

Apollo: Contact Tool

ZeroBounce: Email Verification
$0.008 per lead

SmartWriter: Personalized First Lines
$0.125 per lead
$760/month and 15 hours of app fiddling

For the same price you can get ~750 leads instantly and far better conversion rates. What's your time worth?
Ecomm List
$0.80 - $1.50 per lead
Pricing varies based on the number of signals you'll need.
Each list comes with a free consultation call where we'll discuss which signals will work best with your offer and your outreach strategy.
How many leads you want in your list
Value per Conversion
How much you expect to make over the lifetime of each acquired customer.
Conversion Rate
The percentage of leads you convert into customers.

Assuming $1.15 per lead
Expected Earnings
Leads x CVR x LTV
💰 Profit
Earnings - Cost
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How accurate is the data?
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