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Enjoy a taste of Cornwall at home with our Stein’s at Home meal boxes. Choose from seven menus, each with three courses of Rick’s classic dishes. Shop restaurant wines, food, gifts, skincare, hampe... Expand
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Web Traffic
rickstein.com receives 211,510 visits per month. Their primary traffic sources are Search (66.75%), Direct (21.85%) and Referral (6.21%). Their secondary traffic sources are Social (2.61%), Mail (1.93%) and Ads (<1%).

Technology Stack

What is Rick Stein using on their ecommerce website? They use technologies such as Klaviyo, Facebook Pixel, and Microsoft Clarity.

Below you'll find all the apps, integrations, and marketing stack that were detected on rickstein.com.
Email & SMS Marketing
Klaviyo, a marketing automation platform that automates SMS and email marketing to help businesse... Expand
Streamline your emailing and boost your sales with Mailjet. We serve all your email and SMS needs... Expand
Conversion Rate Optimization
Clarity is a free user behavior analytics tool that helps you understand how users are interactin... Expand
Pixels & Retargeting
FB & Instagram

Contact Information

Sarah cnsliol
Marketing Manager for The Rick Stein Group
Ricky oastsn
Gold and diamond dealer
Michael enraob
Head of Human Resources at The Rick Stein Group, Padstow
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