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Designed for Fashion, Crafted for Sport. Next-generation luxury fitness brand with sports bags that bridges high fashion with fitness performance features.

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Web Traffic receives 58,460 visits per month. Their primary traffic sources are Referral (30.29%), Direct (27.7%) and Search (20.51%). Their secondary traffic sources are Social (11.59%) and Ads (9.92%).

Technology Stack

What is Caraa using on their ecommerce website? They use technologies such as Klaviyo, TikTok Pixel, and Contentful.

Below you'll find all the apps, integrations, and marketing stack that were detected on
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Pixels & Retargeting
FB & Instagram
Email & SMS Marketing
Klaviyo, a marketing automation platform that automates SMS and email marketing to help businesse... Expand
Attentive is the most comprehensive personalized text messaging solution. 99% open rates, 30%+ cl... Expand
Conversion Rate Optimization
Increase retention and boost customer engagement with an easy to use loyalty program built for sm... Expand
Content Curation
More than a headless CMS, Contentful is the API-first content management platform to create, mana... Expand

Contact Information

Aaron uol
Co-Founder & CEO at CARAA (We are Hiring!)
Creative Director at Caraa
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