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14 Tips To Improve Email Deliverability For Your Ecomm Brand

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As a content marketer deeply immersed in the world of email campaigns, I've seen firsthand how crucial email deliverability is for e-commerce brands. Your beautifully crafted emails mean little if they end up in spam folders or, worse, never reach your audience. So, how can you ensure your emails land where they should? Let's dive into 14 actionable tips to boost your email deliverability.

1. Cultivate Your Sender Reputation

Your sender reputation is like your credit score in the world of email. ISPs judge you based on your email sending habits. Reduce spam complaints and unsubscribes to maintain a healthy sender score.

2. Craft Compelling Email Content

Engage your audience with valuable content and eye-catching subject lines. Remember, an opened email is a step closer to a loyal customer.

3. Maintain Email List Hygiene

Regularly clean your email list. Remove inactive or invalid addresses to keep your list fresh and responsive.

4. Implement Double Opt-Ins

This not only confirms the subscriber's interest but also keeps your list free of accidental or malicious sign-ups.

5. Encourage Whitelisting

Ask your subscribers to add your email address to their address book. It's a simple yet effective way to improve deliverability.

An unsubscribe link and physical address in the email footer aren't just best practices; they're legal requirements in many jurisdictions.

7. Be Recognizable

Use a familiar sender name and address. Consistency in your 'from' line builds trust and recognition.

8. Offer HTML and Plain Text Versions

Not everyone's email client supports HTML. A plain text version ensures everyone reads your message, no matter the technology.

9. Web Browser Viewing Option

Sometimes emails don't display correctly in an email client. Offering a web browser version is a great workaround.

10. Use Alt Text in Images

This ensures your message gets across even if the images don't load.

<img alt="This is an example" src="..."/>

11. Keep Emails Concise

Lengthy emails can be overwhelming. Stick to the point to keep your audience engaged.

12. Test Before Sending

Send test emails to check for any rendering issues or spam triggers.

13. Seek Email Sender Accreditation

Third-party accreditation can bolster your reputation and deliverability.

14. Monitor Your IP Reputation

Your IP's reputation can affect deliverability. Regular monitoring can help you stay ahead of potential issues.

Bonus Tips: Free Tools for Testing Deliverability
Mail-Tester: Check how your email performs against common spam filters.
Mailtrap: Test and debug your email templates safely.
Spamcheck: Ensure your email content is spam-free.
MxToolbox: Receive a deliverability score and actionable feedback.
Remember, email deliverability is not a one-off task. It's an ongoing process that requires attention and adaptation. By implementing these best practices, you can significantly improve your chances of hitting your subscribers' inboxes, leading to higher open rates, better engagement, and, ultimately, a more successful email marketing campaign. Happy emailing!

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