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What does Yoru Marketing offer?

The Best Google PPC Ads Agency helps established ecommerce brands ($40k+ per month in revenue) scale past 6 and 7 figures with customized Google Ads strategies.

How does Yoru Marketing stand out from their competition?
  • Experienced human-driven strategies aligned with Google's policies
  • Complete transparency with real-time performance updates
  • Performance-based contracts with no long-term commitments
  • In-depth reporting and regular communication
  • Real strategies derived from their own ecommerce brands
What pain points does Yoru Marketing resolve?
  • Inconsistent revenue and sales trajectory
  • Disappointment with freelancers or agencies for PPC ad management
  • Lack of customized approach for brand-specific needs
  • Dependency on a single platform (Facebook or TikTok) for revenue generation
  • Limited expertise in Google Ads management
What is Yoru Marketing's ideal customer profile?

Established ecommerce brands with monthly revenue of $40k or more, seeking consistent revenue growth and improvement in PPC ad performance.


Shri K.
We help scale eCommerce brands doing $40k+ per month past 6 and 7 figures with Google Ads | Over 103 brands scaled at a 5.13x+ ROAS and counting | Youtuber on eCommerce & Google Ads

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