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What does R2GDigital offer?

R2GDigital provides digital advertising services including search advertising, social advertising, and CRO (Conversion Rate Optimization) for beauty brands, fashion brands, and home appliance brands.

How does R2GDigital stand out from their competition?
  • Expertise in digital advertising for beauty, fashion, and home appliance industries
  • Proven track record with case studies
  • Offers a range of digital advertising services including search, social, and CRO
What pain points does R2GDigital resolve?
  • Difficulty in creating effective digital advertising campaigns
  • Low conversion rates
  • Lack of visibility in search engine results
  • Ineffective social media advertising
  • Difficulty in measuring the success of digital advertising campaigns
What is R2GDigital's ideal customer profile?

Brands in the beauty, fashion, and home appliance industries that are seeking to improve their online presence and increase conversions through digital advertising.


David Koves
CEO @ R2G I Ex-Google I Digital Acquisition Specialist I $100M+ in Managed Ad Spend I Dog Activist I Pelotoner I B”H
Gabor Kalman
Co-Founder & COO at Red2Green Digital

Services Offered

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