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What does GroovinAds offer?

GroovinAds offers advanced technology solutions for display campaigns, including DCO, DSP, Shopping, and Video Ads. Their AI platform, managed by an experienced team, simplifies processes and helps attract the ideal audience, maximize results, and integrate data for conversion rates and performance tracking.

How does GroovinAds stand out from their competition?
  • In-house developed AI platform for display campaigns
  • Experienced team managing the platform
  • Simplified processes for professional ad creation and adaptation
  • Advanced audience evaluation and user interaction algorithms
  • Contextual and behavioral analytics tools for cookieless future
What pain points does GroovinAds resolve?
  • Difficulty in optimizing advertising campaigns
  • Inefficient use of advertising spaces
  • Low sales performance on e-commerce sites
  • Limited audience impact with advertisements
  • Complex data integration and performance tracking
What is GroovinAds's ideal customer profile?

Companies (retailers, e-commerce, agencies, advertisers, and others) looking to optimize their advertising campaigns, achieve better results in optimizing traffic, generate more sales on e-commerce sites, and impact their audience with video ads.


Marcelo Gaio
Director & co-founder at GroovinAds

Services Offered

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