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Ecommerce Competitive Insights Tool

Use our tool to find how the top 1% of ecommerce companies are driving revenue in your product category.
  • 1 Add the website of your store or a competitor
  • 2 We find similar companies in our database
  • 3 We show you how they get visitors and drive revenue

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Uncover The Growth Strategies Used By The Top Ecommerce Brands

How It Works

We collect data on thousands of companies and make it easy for you to get a competitive edge


Name, description, location, revenue, employee count and much more.

Search Engine Strategy

Ever wonder how companies drive traffic through Google? We capture both paid clicks as well as organic clicks.

Social Media Strategy

We track a brand's presence on Pinterest, Twitter, TikTok, Reddit, Snapchat, and Meta.

Meta Ads

We collect ad creatives on Facebook and Instagram and make it easy to search, export and save them.

Website Monitoring

We capture the pages that companies are driving traffic to and analyze what's makes them convert.


We track the marketing stack being used on company websites. If a company starts using a new app, we'll know.